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ONLINE -- MSA-Seminar: HPC-enabled Deep Learning for Mapping the Human Brain

Modular Supercomputing Architectures Seminar

16.06.2020 15:00 Uhr
16.06.2020 16:00 Uhr
online über BigBlueButton (s. Link unten)
Christian Schiffer, INM-1, Forschungszentrum Jülich

This talk will introduce our work on automated classification of human brain areas in high-resolution microscopic scans of histological brain sections, with a particular focus on the technical workflow running on the HPC systems at JSC.

It will further cover basics of common machine learning frameworks in Python, which enable easy use of NVIDIA GPUs for Deep Learning and other machine learning tasks.
Finally, the talk will cover some more advanced techniques for Deep Learning with large amounts of data, such as distributed training, mixed precision training and gradient checkpointing.


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