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Newsletter "JSC News"

"JSC News" is the monthly newsletter of Jülich Supercomputing Centre. It contains announcements of new hardware, software, projects, and events at Jülich Supercomputing Centre. "JSC News" can also be sent via email. If you want to subscribe to the email version, please send an email without content to and confirm the registration afterwards.

The email version will always be found at the "JSC News" Archive.


JSC News 2020/2021
 JSC News No. 278, January 2021 (PDF, 847 kB) Beware the Next Wave – Modeling Scenarios for the COVID-19 Pandemic
New European CoE RAISE
RISC2: EU and Latin America Coordinating HPC Research
DICE – Data Infrastructure Capacity for EOSC
Calls for Computing Time Applications
Lars Osiewacs – Best MATSE in Germany
 JSC News No. 277, December 2020 (PDF, 847 kB) Europe’s Fastest Supercomputer Goes Online at JSC
Porting & Tuning Workshops for JUWELS Booster Module
Production Start on JURECA-DC
NIC Excellence Project November 2020
New GCS Large-Scale Projects in November 2020
Martin Schultz Ranks among Highly Cited Researchers again
 JSC News No. 276, October 2020 (PDF, 845 kB) JSC @ SC20
District-Based Coronavirus Forecasts
New KI:STE Project − AI Strategy for Earth System Data
SEA Projects Selected for Funding by EuroHPC JU
Kristel Michielsen among Falling Walls Finalists
 JSC News No. 275, September 2020 (PDF, 760 kB) Last Printed Issue of JSC News
New NVM Storage Resource Enters Evaluation Phase
New European Centre of Excellence for Quantum Chemistry
CoE in Combustion to Accelerate Decarbonization of Energy
Virtual PRACE Summer of HPC Students at JSC
News from MATSE Education
 JSC News No. 274, July 2020 (PDF, 758 kB) The JURECA Cluster is Dead, Long Live JURECA!
Thomas Lippert Appointed Professor at Goethe University Frankfurt
New AI Project AlphaNumerics Zero
Structural Dynamics of Ion Channels and Transporters
Calls for Computing Time Applications
 JSC News No. 273, June 2020 (PDF, 757 kB) Cyberattack against Supercomputers
Gradual Decommissioning of the JURECA Cluster
Booster Module Completes the DEEP-EST Prototype
Next Phase of Human Brain Project Launched
 JSC News No. 272, May 2020 (PDF, 849 kB) High Resonance on JSC's Support Offer for COVID-19 Research
JUSUF – New Multi-purpose Computing Platform for Neuroscientists
Jupyter-jsc: Supercomputing in Your Browser
NIC Excellence Project May 2020
New GCS Large-Scale Projects in May 2020
Susanne Pfalzner Awarded the Albertus Magnus Prize for Teaching
 JSC News No. 271, April 2020 (PDF, 728 kB) Together against COVID-19
Basic Operations at JSC from 19 March
 JSC News No. 270, March 2020 (PDF, 305 kB) Big Days on JUWELS
HPC Tunathon for CPU and GPU Optimization and Scaling on JUWELS
Guest Student Programme 2020
TOAR-II Started
Retrospective of the 10th NIC Symposium
Looking Back at ESM User Forum 2020
 JSC News No. 269, January 2020 (PDF, 901 kB) Upcoming HPC Systems in 2020
NIC Symposium 2020
EU Project Sano on Computational Medicine
UNSEEN Project – HPC for Energy Systems Modelling Continues to Grow at JSC
Early Access Programme for DEEP-EST Prototype
Awards for Bachelor’s and Master’s Students

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