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Daten und Platformen

The team “Data and Platforms” headed by Felix Hoffstaedter supports the INM-7 in the administration of the soft- and hardware as well as in the administration of large data sets. Standardized data structures of (MR) imaging data are established (BIDS); modular processing and analysis pipelines for HPC systems are developed; all large open source (MR) imaging data sets are processed; and neurobiologically-relevant methods of data reduction are developed. The team enables effective use of the servers and clusters and ensure data curation. On the one hand they help in downloading and providing access to data, on the other hand they take care of the pre-processing of the data. Doing so, they provide the most suitable software programs and tools for the respective analyses and create so-called pipelines for optimal pre-processing. The aim is to realize an automated analysis of very large multimodal data sets. Using structural and functional imaging with MRI measurements, they model neuronal networks of the human brain.

Data and Platforms