JARA-Institute Quantum Information (PGI-11)

Our institute pursues a diverse set of topics that further our theoretical understanding of electronic systems and devices at nano- and atomic scales, and the application of these small quantum systems to new forms of information processing.

Institute Heads: Prof. Dr. David DiVincenzo, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Bluhm

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Blueprint for fault-tolerant qubits

Building a universal quantum computer is a challenging task because of the fragility of quantum bits, or qubits for short. Researchers led by Prof. David DiVincenzo have now proposed a design for a circuit with passive error correction. Such a circuit would already be inherently fault protected and could significantly accelerate the construction of a quantum computer with a large number of qubits.


Workshop "Helmholtz Quantum: Roadmap to the Future"

Helmholtz Quantum bundles and coordinates the Helmholtz Association’s diverse research activities in the field of quantum technologies. The workshop of the Helmholtz Quantum Platform, which will take place on Friday, February 12, 2021, is an important building block for the further development of the Helmholtz Association’s joint Quantum Strategy. We are pleased to cordially invite you to this workshop.

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New Approaches in Information Technology

In the research alliance JARA, section JARA-FIT, we contribute to creating the basis for the information technology of the future.